Setting Goals for Your Small Business in the New Year

It’s a new year, and now’s the time to set goals, commit to organization and grow your business. Whether you are trying to sell a new product, increase sales or build your team, follow our top tips to setting goals in 2020.

Get Organized: Now’s the time to go through old paperwork, file important documents and implement organizational solutions. After you clear out the clutter of 2019, you’ll be ready to set goals and keep them.

Evaluate Last Year’s Goals: What worked in 2019? What didn’t? Maybe you went in a totally different direction than you expected last year. That’s OK. Take what you learned in 2019 and use that to create new goals that will set you up for success.

First, Think Big Picture: What do you actually want to accomplish this year. Instead of getting bogged down by all the little steps in between, think of the most important goals and break it down from there.

Include Measures of Success: How will you ever know if you’ve succeeded without adding in some key measures of success. Want to grow your business? Figure out by how much. Write it down and keep it somewhere visible throughout the year.

Consider Hiring Outside Help: Some parts of running a small business are tough. Try hiring an outside company to fulfill the needs of your back office, HR or insurance. This will take a lot of the pressure off.

As you plan your exciting new year, did you know that you can still sign up your employees for insurance benefits? Give us a call to discover everything you need to know about insurance benefits for your business in 2020.

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