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HR Solutions have become an essential aspect of managing human resources in modern organizations. Zinn Insurance offers Fractional HR services, a Benefits Management Portal, and Payroll integration to assist our clients in streamlining their HR functions. These solutions provide cost-effective and efficient ways to manage HR operations, improve employee satisfaction and engagement, and minimize errors in payroll processing. Companies that engage Zinn HR Solutions stand to benefit from increased productivity and improved HR processes.

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Our proven process is the core of our relationship with each client. This strategy ensures that each client gets the best solution for their needs and budget.



We discuss and evaluate your current HR and benefits program to learn what’s working and what can be improved, plus and your goals for the current period and the future.



We create a benefits solution to improve value within your healthcare spend, reduce liability, and optimize budget management. We find the perfect mix to improve both cost and the quality of services delivered to your employees.



We facilitate all of the documentation, create Employee Enrollment packets and set up your group portal.  Our comprehensive technology platform will help manage the employee lifecycle from onboarding to termination and COBRA, deliver benefits education to your employees, and support ACA and other compliance-related tasks.



Your Zinn Insurance team does all of the heavy lifting during employee enrollment to free up your valuable HR resources. We guide your team through through the entire process and provide a personal, engaging experience.



Once your plan is in place, your Zinn Team provides ongoing expertise customized to your company’s specific requirements. Ongoing consulting and support is designed to solve problems and achieve real results for your company and your employees.

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