How to Choose an Insurance Broker for Your Small Business

If you’re new to benefits enrollment for your employees, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why working with a broker is a great choice. You can receive a full, end-to-end HR strategy while saving costs and getting expert advice. Brokers also assist with implementation, from educating workers to assisting with claims and payroll – so you can focus on growing your business.

All of that sounds great, but how do you choose a broker for you small business that can truly meet your needs, match your culture and become a true partner? Follow our top tips to choosing the best broker for your business.

Ask Around: Whether it’s through word of mouth or online reviews, it’s important to understand the level of service provided by your broker. The best way to find out the true experience of their clients is from the past clients themselves. Look at Google or Facebook reviews, or better yet, ask your potential broker for references or testimonials.

Interview Prospects: Your insurance broker should be your partner in creating and implementing your HR strategy, so interviewing your broker is a great way to find out if your cultures and goals are aligned. Ask them about various scenarios specific to your business to get an idea of how they will work with you on a regular basis.

Choose Experience: Nothing beats years of experience when working with an insurance brokers. Choosing a company that boasts a positive track record of satisfied clients in your industry brings you the peace of mind and trust necessary to move forward. Focus not only on the length of their experience, but also the breadth.

Check Licenses & Certifications: This many seem obvious, but make sure that the broker or firm that you choose is up-to-date on all licenses and certifications for your state. While you’re at it, ask them about their continuing education and how they stay up on all the latest healthcare regulations.

Once you choose a partner, your benefits enrollment should run smoothly from year to year. If you’re looking for a new partner to help with healthcare benefits for your small business, we’d love to help. Call us, 866.405.7226, to set up an appointment today.

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