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Provide your employees with peace of mind with Life Insurance

Words can’t describe what your employees and their families endue after a loss of a loved one. Life insurance helps families pay off debts and other expenses, so they have to rely solely on savings. If your employees have anyone who depend financially on them, they need life insurance no matter their age or marriage status.

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In Case of Death

One of the biggest reasons to buy life insurance is to provide money in case of death. If you’re single and don’t want to leave money to anyone, you may not need life insurance. But as you take on more responsibilities and your family grows, your need for life insurance increases. The proceeds from a life insurance policy can replace the income lost to your family upon your death. The life insurance death benefit can also pay off debts and expenses, provide money to a charity or organization, and cover final and estate expenses.

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Our proven process is the core of our relationship with each client. This strategy ensures that each client gets the best solution for their needs and budget.

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Small Business Planning

Business Continuation

Business continuation insurance is a risk management strategy. Your company’s long-term planning should include contingencies to mitigate loss of leadership and financial stress in the event a partner dies or becomes unable to participate in ongoing operations. Life and Disability policies are payable per the terms of the business contract – typically buy-sell, cross-purchase or entity purchase.

Key Employees

The profitability of many small businesses can be attributed to a core group of key individuals. Unexpected death or disability of one of these key people could have a devastating impact or cause the demise of the company. Key person insurance protects your business and gives you the financial resources to regroup and get back on track. The company pays the premiums receives the payout.

Employee Benefits

Attracting and retaining top-caliber employees is a major problem facing many businesses today. Small business owners are aware of the importance of good employees and their contribution to your business’s success. A benefits package including qualified retirement plans or group life insurance, can help you find and retain a successful team and in turn, grow your business.

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Client Review

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Why would anyone get insurance any other way? This was an amazing experience.

We went to see Monique (The Owner) and was floored by the incredible customer service, her thorough walkthrough of all the plans to make choosing easier and the speed in which we signed up for all insurance. We were literally in and out of the office (a beautiful residential area by the way), within 1 hour and 10 minutes. Thats not bad for being a first time business owner, 26 years old and having my brother with me looking at vision, dental and health at the same time.

She was courteous, polite, caring and gave us options that she had already prepared before we arrived. It was such a great luxurious service that I started to worry about how much this would cost, I was prepared to invest because she absolutely deserved it, but numbers started to fly around.

When she told me that it was free because she gets a commission from any packages she recommends our jaws dropped. Not only that but we can call her if we have any questions at all, change our primary through her and change policies on the fly making everything super easy and insurance a lot more fun to deal with, instead of dreading it.

Her character was bright, sunny and fun making the entire transition a wonderful experience. I highly highly recommend her and you’d honestly would have to be crazy not go with Zinn Insurance!

Louis B.
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