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Benefits Management Portal

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A benefits management portal can significantly improve HR processes for any organization. From streamlining onboarding and offboarding processes to tracking time off, centralizing HR management, integrating payroll, tracking assets, and accessing affordable care act and COBRA compliance tools, a benefits management portal can help simplify and improve HR processes, saving time and money while reducing legal risks.


All-in-One Benefits Solution

  • Enroll, renew, & manage your employee benefits online
  • Simple HR & employee self-service portals
  • Review benefits and plan details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

New Hire Onboarding

  • Easily complete new hire forms
  • Digital file cabinet makes tracking policies a breeze
  • Modernize training, improve worksite safety & reduce workers comp costs

Asset Tracking

  • Easily control and track your company’s assets
    • Asset inventory
    • Asset status
    • Track repairs, warranty, and maintenance
  • Assign and track everything from office keys to laptops, cell phones and more from one easy to use dashboard

Centralized HR Management

  • Paper forms and files are replaced by a centralized HR management system and employee portal that’s always up to date
  • Manage your interactions from one place so you can spend more time growing your business and less time on manual processes
  • Help your employees help themselves by allowing them to find the information they need without having to call for support
  • Go beyond the basics and improve communication and engagement with quick access to reports and configuration tools
  • Quick access to reports and configuration tools

Payroll Integration

  • Streamline and automate payroll
  • Self-service- access to W-2s, paystubs and benefits information
  • Prevent compliance issues and ensure accuracy

Time Off Tracking

  • Employee self-service requests
    • Jury and Court Witness leave
    • Emergency leave: emergency paid sick leave + Emergency FMLA request
    • Request FMLA
    • Personal leave request
  • Build, configure and customize the perfect PTO policy and company holidays
  • Ensure accurate accruals
  • Review your team’s time off history

Affordable Care Act (ACA) & COBRA Compliance Tools

  • Tool for 1094 and 1095 reporting
  • Management for variable hour employee
  • ALE & affordability calculators
  • COBRA automation for groups
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Client Review

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Why would anyone get insurance any other way? This was an amazing experience.

We went to see Monique (The Owner) and was floored by the incredible customer service, her thorough walkthrough of all the plans to make choosing easier and the speed in which we signed up for all insurance. We were literally in and out of the office (a beautiful residential area by the way), within 1 hour and 10 minutes. Thats not bad for being a first time business owner, 26 years old and having my brother with me looking at vision, dental and health at the same time.

She was courteous, polite, caring and gave us options that she had already prepared before we arrived. It was such a great luxurious service that I started to worry about how much this would cost, I was prepared to invest because she absolutely deserved it, but numbers started to fly around.

When she told me that it was free because she gets a commission from any packages she recommends our jaws dropped. Not only that but we can call her if we have any questions at all, change our primary through her and change policies on the fly making everything super easy and insurance a lot more fun to deal with, instead of dreading it.

Her character was bright, sunny and fun making the entire transition a wonderful experience. I highly highly recommend her and you’d honestly would have to be crazy not go with Zinn Insurance!

Louis B.
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