Bill Payroll Administrator

Bill/Payroll Administrator

More Than Just a Clerical Role in Admin, Accounting, or HR

You’re the Melanie Griffith (Tess McGill) in the movie Working Girl (imagine this being non-gender specific – you could be Tom). Perhaps you’ve been slaving away in a non-career, boring, and mundane role that is a dead-end without the chance for growth and advancement to bigger and better opportunities. Maybe you’re currently stuck in a role as an office administrator, executive assistant, A/R in accounting, or an HR clerical role.

We’re Zinn Insurance, one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the Texas area, specializing in proving insurance plans for local and nationwide businesses. We’re seeking a top-notch Billing and Payroll Administrator to serve as the primary point of contact for our clients to ensure that documentation is accurate.

We’re not seeking any particular background – we’ll train you! We do want a candidate that is familiar in working with the type of work and details that come with an office role, such as office administration, billing, or HR issues.

You’ll work with our internal Billing and Payroll Managers and client HR representatives to:

  • Generate payroll deduction spreadsheets.
  • Audit and reconcile invoices against enrollment records.
  • Assist clients with submitting payments and setting up ACH/EFT payments.
  • Help document billing & payroll procedures as we constantly evolve and grow.

The job is part detective, part customer success, and part administrative data entry, verifying information, using spreadsheets and our various software systems.

You’re the Tess (or Tom) in your current company, and you find it unacceptable to not have career advancement and opportunities. Like Tess (or Tom), you’re hungry – you want to learn, be challenged, and grow in a job. The career opportunities here include advancement into roles such as case specialist as well as managerial positions overseeing our billing and payroll department and increased client interaction.

If you’re looking for a more challenging role to grow, learn, increase your compensation over time, and enjoy a supportive and engaging team around you, send us a copy of your resume and a cover letter!

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