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Employee Benefits

A comprehensive employee benefits plan is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent, as it demonstrates a company’s commitment to the well-being and job satisfaction of its employees. Such a plan not only boosts employee morale and productivity but also helps create a positive work culture that fosters loyalty and long-term commitment among the workforce.

Executive/ Key Man Benefits

Offering key man/executive life insurance is essential for businesses to mitigate the financial risks associated with the loss of key personnel. This type of insurance provides a safety net that can help cover costs related to recruitment, training, and the potential disruption to the business, ensuring continuity and stability in times of unexpected events. Additionally, key man/executive life insurance offers peace of mind to executives and their families, allowing them to focus on their roles without worrying about the financial impact on their loved ones in the event of an unfortunate incident.

Ancillary Benefits

Offering ancillary benefits such as vision and dental coverage to employees not only promotes their overall health and well-being but also enhances job satisfaction and employee retention. By providing access to essential preventive care and treatments, these benefits contribute to improved overall health, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity within the workforce.

Disability Insurance

Offering disability insurance to employees is crucial for providing financial protection in the event of an unexpected illness or injury that leaves them unable to work. This benefit ensures that employees can maintain a certain level of income, covering their essential expenses and alleviating financial stress during a challenging time, ultimately fostering loyalty and peace of mind within the workforce.

Life Insurance

Offering life insurance to employees is a valuable benefit that provides financial security and peace of mind to their loved ones in the event of their untimely demise. This benefit not only assists in covering funeral expenses but also helps replace the lost income, ensuring the financial well-being of the employee’s family and offering a sense of stability during a difficult period.


It is crucial for an employer to be in compliance regarding health insurance benefits to ensure legal adherence and avoid penalties or legal repercussions. Being compliant demonstrates the employer’s commitment to the well-being of their employees, fosters a positive work environment, and helps retain talented professionals who value comprehensive healthcare coverage as part of their overall compensation package.

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affordable care act

Level Funded Health Plans


All-in-One Benefits, HR, & Compliance Platform

Benefits Administration

Manage your employee benefits online.

ACA Reporting

Take the worry out of ACA reporting & compliance.

Integrated Payroll

Modern payroll integrations to make running your business easier.

New Hire Onboarding

Get new hires up and running quickly.

HR Management

Move your HR filing cabinets online.


Make tracking time off a breeze.


Quick response

Knowledgeable team



Employee Benefits Solutions

From compliance to communication, let us provide a full spectrum of solutions for you and your company. We understand the challenges today’s employers face, and we know you’re asked to take on more than ever before. Expect more from a broker—expect our full spectrum of solutions.

Typical Services

From Brokers
Break away from the mold of the traditional broker. The average broker meets your basic needs when it comes to claims, plans and renewal negotiation. What about open enrollment? New legislation? Department of Labor (DOL) compliance?

From Technology Companies
New tech giants can be focused on curing the pains of HR, such as benefits administration and small compliance issues, but lack the personal touch and insurance expertise that an independent broker like us provides.

32 percent of business plans audited by the DOL received fines of over $10,000.

No need to worry—you can rest easy with our regular compliance newsletters, articles, action plans and support to keep you up to date and in the know.

89 percent of employees expect decision-making tools during open enrollment.

Our decision support tools match your industry, region, and company size from a plan design perspective. We’ll provide medical and prescription analytics, employee retention plans and open enrollment assistance specified to your business needs and goals.

54 percent of employees say selecting a health plan is more complicated than solving a Rubik’s Cube.

Take the guesswork out of plan selection and simplify your day-to-day operations with our streamlined online enrollment, vacation tracking and more on a customized intranet site.

Only 34 percent of employees were aware of wellness plans offered by their employer. An inactive employee can cost you up to $1,500 extra in health costs per year.

Communication is the most important part of any relationship. Let us help you engage and educate your employees by providing health and wellness plans, benefits guides, and numerous safety and awareness materials.

HR Solutions



Create and enhance a great culture in your organization.



Attract top talent for your organization.



Ongoing learning and development programs.



Develop, coach and educate your team.



Federal, State & Local Compliance Posters.

Our Pricing Models

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